Worldwide Network of accredited inspectors and
auditors coordinated from our South of England base

Established in 2008, Isovet Tanker Services operates in the oil, petrochemical and gas sectors of the shipping
industry providing support services to clients in managing the risks associated with the handling and
transportation of bulk liquids by sea.

We offer a worldwide network of accredited inspectors and auditors coordinated from our south of England base.

Our regular clients are Oil Major members of OCIMF and other NGO’s with a vested interest in setting industry
standards and establishing best practice guidance.

Our personnel are qualified to the highest industry standard and each possesses a unique combination of
experience and expertise. All our associates are accredited inspectors or auditing inspectors under the
OCIMF SIRE program.

In addition, we have inspectors accredited under the OVID program and auditors with in-depth knowledge
and experience of TMSA, MTMSA and Baseline Criteria programs.

Isovet has extensive experience of inspecting ships and conducting audits of ship operators
and marine terminals.

SIRE Ship Inspections

Worldwide network of SIRE accredited ship inspectors and auditing inspectors.
The majority of our inspectors are accredited for oil, chemical and gas ships.

TMSA Audits

Worldwide network of professional auditors with previous experience of conducting audits using the OCIMF TMSA program. We have auditors with heritage background in both marine and engineering and are guided by the client remit. Usually this would either involve a full audit covering all elements and levels to establish a compliance status or selected elements for a random check of the company declared TMSA status. We also have experience of reviewing a specific incident or negative results of third party inspection(s) and linking these occurrences to the associated TMSA elements for a targeted review of management practices.

MTMSA or Baseline Criteria Audits

Worldwide network of professional auditors with previous experience of assessing terminal operations using either the OCIMF MTMSA or Baseline Criteria benchmark standards. As with TMSA, these audits are to client specification and may involve full review of all elements, random check or targeted assessment.

Regional Overview

Isovet has experience of conducting regional overviews of marine activities, combining simultaneous SIRE inspections of ships on a particular liner trade with TMSA audit review of the operators who manage the ships and MTMSA review of the terminals the ships call at for load and discharge.

OVID Inspections

Offshore Vessel Inspections Database. Worldwide coverage, following the format of SIRE.

Flag State Inspections

Worldwide network of experienced ship inspectors available to cover inspections on behalf of flag States.

ISOVET Core Values

Integrity & impartiality when conducting inspections.
Highest standards of business ethics – no actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
Client and contractor satisfaction with the level of renumeration in exchange for a professional service.
Profitability – sustained growth by reinvestment of business profit.
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